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Meaningful Use OS Project

To all VistA community members, OSEHRA is standing up a new Group to work with VistA community members towards the creation of a common code base that meets the general complete requirements of MU2 (and now MU3) using VistA. This solution will be provided back to the VA to be incorporated into the VA code stream.

OSEHRA AWG Telecom 4 PM EDT Today: Update on R1.1 eHMP and Demo of R1.2, Seth Gainey, Agilex

Today's Agenda:

* Seth Gainey of Agilex will provide a brief on the progress with
the r1.1 eHMP OSEHRA Technical Journal submission and demo of r1.2, which
will be submitted in a few weeks.

* Jack Taylor, Co-chair of AWG, will brief on slides presented by
Dr. Aaron Drew and Dr. Jonathan Nebeker at the HIMSS on the VistA
Evolution's Interoperability Roadmap and Initiatives.

DATE & TIME: Tuesday 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT - 4/21/2015

CALL IN: Dial-in: 1-650-479-3207,

Access code: 662 014 630

Question for Scripts when running Vista through Vagrant

I'm running a vagrant instance of VistA and was trying to install VPE inside the Vagrant VM running VistA and Mumps. However, all the scripts on on my local macintosh. How can I access those scripts since so many of them are necessary for the VPE patch. I know there is a function for shared folders on vagrant so do I use that? If so how? Or do I need to reinstall all the scripts on the virtual machine?

RE: [EXTERNAL] Re: [immunization] Identification of smokers in VISTA...

We are working on smoking status, standardizing per Meaningful Use in our current eHMP efforts.

Linda B. Hebert
Director, Requirements Development and Management
Strategic Investment Management (10P2E)
Office of Informatics and Analytics, Veterans Health Administration
BB 727-412-0488
Office 727-299-8619

Porting of Site Parameters Screen on-going...

I am starting at the bottom in porting RPMS Immunizations.

Today I focused on dealing with the problem of "Other Location", which
is a pointer in RPMS, but a free text in VISTA. I made a new field for
this in the 920000 n/s and made the getters and setters behave
differently in VISTA rather than in RPMS. I have tested this in RPMS
and in VISTA (thank you to GT.M!!! they can easily share the imm
routines so that I can just go into one or the other) and it works
pretty well. Same code base.

Identification of smokers in VISTA...

Hey all,

I am resuming the working on porting the RPMS Immunizations Package to
VISTA. I am doing the site parameters now. One of the items it checks
is the presence of current smoking in VISTA. VISTA stores that in
Health Factors, which are non-standardized. Don't get me started...

Is there a standard way for me to check whether a patient is a smoker
or not? Should I check the problem list? Is there a standard reminder
taxonomny I should evaluate?

Thanks in advance,

Sam Habiel, Pharm.D.
VISTA Expertise Network


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