• vancurtis
    10 Mar 2014 - 13:28 GMT by vancurtis

    Hi Igor,

    Are you calling select() with the patient DFN before calling getVitals()? getVitals() doesn't accept a patient ID as an argument up at the MDWS EmrSvc level.

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  • igor.b
    9 Mar 2014 - 12:49 GMT by igor.b

    I am new to MDWS, and this may be a trivial issue, still I can't resolve it on my own so far.

    When I am calling EmrService method getVitals, I get this error (below). 

    Calls to getAllMeds, getCytopathologyReports, getSurgeryReports and others return similar error.

    Tried to call this method with a Patient ID as an argument - same result.

    What am I doing wrong? Thanks!!

  • Barry Robson
    8 Mar 2014 - 9:15 GMT by Barry Robson

    Dear Luis,

    Can you let me know where I might best fit it?

    Retired as CEO IBM Global Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Life Sciences, I specialize in two-way interconversion of VistA, HL7 CDA sources and so on to Universal Exchange Language (UEL) for healthcare, of the kind recommended by the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST). I represent the recent QEXL consortium of universities and small companies, to that end.

    Web of Data
  • shabiel
    7 Mar 2014 - 20:59 GMT by shabiel

    So last thing I finished today... The checksum mechanism in the PM has
    been modified to support multiple streams. Checksums are now filed in
    a routine mulitple under the stream file.


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  • shabiel
    7 Mar 2014 - 15:17 GMT by shabiel

    I just finished the routine A1AEM2K (which will be uploaded shortly).
    This exports builds from Forum to the file system.

    I proved to my satisfaction that the build it produces is identical to
    the one that comes out of FOIA:
    [forum@forum-a tmp]$ diff -w GMRA-4_SEQ-41_PAT-44.KID
    ~osehra/VistA/Packages/Adverse\ Reaction\
    < KIDS Distributions saved on Mar 07, 2014@14:05:56 by the Patch
    Module on FORUM.OSEHRA.ORG
    < Patches/Packages: GMRA*4.0*44 SEQ# 41
    > Released GMRA*4*44 SEQ #41
    > Extracted from mail message

    I am attaching the tw

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  • Rob72Silverman
    6 Mar 2014 - 17:10 GMT by Rob72Silverman

    Including Keith Magoon per current ongoing discussion in OSEHRA meeting.

    (Suggest that you also join the OSEHRA distribution list.)

    From: Apache [mailto:apache@groups.osehra.org] On Behalf Of petercyli
    Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2014 11:35 AM
    To: Immunization Work Group
    Subject: [EXTERNAL] [immunization] VA Technical Reference Model (TRM) Assessment of ICE System Components

    Per Nancy's request, here is the software component list described in the ICE presentation by HLN Consulting llc. with the corresponding VA-TRM assessment.

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  • shabiel
    5 Mar 2014 - 22:26 GMT by shabiel
  • shabiel
    5 Mar 2014 - 18:49 GMT by shabiel

    I wrote a user-level recursive importer for importing the patches.
    It's in RECURSE['',1,2] entry points in A1AEK2M.

    $$ADDPATCH moved from A1AEK2M TO A1AEK2M0.

    I created an index ADERIVED to prevent me from filing a derived patch
    twice. I check it to see if I already filed it. Used in A1AEK2M0.

    I created the routine A1AEPSVR to receive mailed patches from VA Forum
    (No, we don't receive patches from there yet). It's not complete...
    hopefully I will finish it today.

    All of these I just uploaded to the repository.


  • shabiel
    4 Mar 2014 - 19:15 GMT by shabiel

    Today I created the bulletin to notify user about a loaded message.
    Here's the result...

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  • petercyli
    4 Mar 2014 - 13:42 GMT by petercyli

    Howard Hays, MD, CIO from the Indian Health Service, has agreed to join us
    at 4 PM today for an Immunizations call to discuss the potential for code
    convergence for Immunizations between the VA, IHS and open source community.
    Please join us!

    Event Address: https://osehra.webex.com/osehra/onstage/g.php?t=a

    Dial-in: 1-650-479-3207

    Access code: 660 146 910

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