The mission of OSEHRA's Education Group is to support the open source software development effort with training on the OSEHRA codebase, the culture of open interfaces, modularity and reuse, and the life cycle management of open source software from experimentation to implementation. 


OSEHRA's Multimedia Education Portal

OSEHRA will provide the community with multimedia education resources that link existing VistA training resources, open source software development best practices, and originally developed training resources and events. OSEHRA's goal is to provide a full spectrum of education and training resources which will include online advanced distributed learning, interactive webinars, and face-to-face training sessions and workshops.


OSEHRA Training Modules

Module 1: Open Source Software Development Best Practices

Open source software development best practices: why this is important to OSEHRA's community. Example links and content include:

Module 2: OSEHRA Open Source VistA Policies, Procedures, and Tools

Module 2 lays out the procedures and tools for establishing, managing, and distributing open source VistA codebase projects within OSEHRA's community. Example links and content include:

VA VistA Resources (Governmental)

VistA Training Resources (Non-Governmental)

Military Health System (MHS), Open Source Software (OSS) Workshop

Module 3: OSEH​RA Community Support Resources

This module describes the range of resources available to OSEHRA's community, and how to best use them. The resources described include links to community wikis & forums, source code repository, OSEHRA “Groups”, issue trackers, quality control dashboards, Blogs, mailing lists, and educational resources including tutorials and documentation.

Module 4: From “Sandbox to Marketplace”

Best practices on translating open source software from experimentation, development, and validation to real world utilization; life-cycle management from idea to product; federal acquisition and procurement regulations; transitioning into operations and maintenance; leveraging OSEHRA's community for ongoing continuous improvement and development.