EHR Refactoring Services

The Open Source Electronic Health Record (EHR) Services project, led by PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP (PwC)*, on behalf of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), will reorganize the Open Source EHR application M(umps) codebase into modular components and develop open, standardized interfaces that make component function accessible via modern programming practices to support three-tier architecture.  Refactoring the entire codebase is a monumental task and is outside the scope of the EHR Refactoring Services project.  This project will focus on the application layer and the refactoring of one module to start.

The first step will be to identify application-to-application and application-to-data dependencies in the codebase.  We will start with the results of the XINDEX utility and enhance the utility, write new utilities, or use other available utilities to generate a database of dependencies.  Based on the database, one or more candidate application(s) will be chosen for refactoring out of 168 (VistA) applications.

The chosen application’s M code will be organized to support the three-tier architecture model; the user interface layer, business logic layer, and data storage layers and a well defined API between them will be identified.  Other VistA applications and external systems will access application specific information only through business layer API.

Throughout the duration of the project, best practices of Open Source software and community involvement will be upheld; all submissions will undergo certification via compliance with OSEHRA’s code contribution requirements.

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*Disclaimer: Ray Group International (RGI) was acquired by PwC, LLP early in November 2012. Please note that all webinars, presentations, etc. prior to November 2012 may contain RGI references and branding. The team has not changed, and the work being performed and quality of that work remains the same.