Situational Awareness

The mission of the OSEHR Situational Awareness Group is to provide community members with multi-sector situational awareness and strategic intelligence. 

The purpose of this capability is to enable community members to more effectively capture opportunities to translate open source innovations to medical reality.  The business intelligence platform will be powered by the user generated contributions of OSEHRA's network of members and the “Brain” graphic  visualization system.

Click Here to Access: "OSEHRA Brain"

The searchable, “OSEHRA Brain” has over 80,000 data points related to the translation of medical technology from “Lab to Market.”. The database covers over 70 categories of Pioneering Research, 75 relevant market niches in the Colonizing Small Business sector, and comprehensive analysis of Mass Market Consolidators: & Supporting Intermediaries in the major market verticals related to healthcare.

The data points or “thoughts” are further ‘Tagged” and “Categorized” to display acquisitions and acquirers, funding opportunities and sources, venture capital deal flow (Series A through F), Disruptive Platform technologies, Experienced, Winning Leadership Teams at bringing new product to market, Strategic Corporate Partner candidates, De-Risked recipients of non-dilutive government funding, and companies who are recipients of outsized private equity investments.

Each data point is connected within its own ecosystem of market vertical, company size, geography, and more. The data points are all dynamic, connected to the internet, and reveal additional information if you click them to drill down to the lower levels of detail, i.e., key people, location, contact information, etc. The OSEHRA Brain will provide community members with unparalleled visibility of research impacting their areas of interest, business bringing product ready innovations to market, and who funds them.