Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Related Documentation

As part of an effort to make their plans for development available to the open source community, VHA is providing the following documents:

VistA Documentation

The documentation of the existing architecture is a hybrid comprised of legacy and modernized applications, services, and data repositories.  The VistA codebase is a living, dynamic environment gradually evolving from a MUMPS to a Java based platform, and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Documentation associated with VistA modules includes:

OSEHRA VistA Tools

VIVIAN (Visualizing VistA and Namespace)

OSEHRA VIVIAN tool provides a "mind map" UI for visualizing VistA.  It provides quick and easy  access to information on various VistA components and packages for several key VistA distriubtions.  

Visual Cross Reference 

OSEHRA VistA Cross Reference documentation is generated with the results of XINDEX and FileMan Data Dictionary utility running against the VistA code base pulled from the repository.  This documentation provides direct dependency information among packages, among FileMan files, between globals and routines, as well as direct call/caller graphs and source code for individual routine. 

System Architecture Reference

OSEHRA's website also contain a VistA System Architecture (SA) tool-generated HTML-navigable VistA SA model.  The VistA SA model is both a tool and documentation based-on and including links-to the VistA documentation library.  The VistA SA tool contain architectural artifacts, including but-not-limited to:

  • Components modeled as UML classes
  • Component descriptions and functions
  • Component-to-component dependencies
  • Component-to-data dependencies
  • Appropriate Links to VistA Documentation Library