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JSON-LD as FileMan's Data Format

In its 1.1 release, FMQL will move its JSON format over to JSON-LD. This form of JSON provides a straightforward JSON with rigorous semantics, something key for VistA data with its large and powerful data model.

Fileman Tutorial for New Programmers...

I am please to announce that I finished writing a Fileman tutorial for programming students that I promised Luis Ibañez. Here it is.

Thank you Luis for the impetus, and sorry it took so long.

Sam Habiel

FLAP Worker Bee

Fileman 22.2 Getting Started Manual: UPDATE

We got more reader feedback (thank you!), so here is an updated version of the Getting Started Manual. Hopefully this is also the final version.

We are now working on the Security Manual, and hope to have it available by the end of February.


Certification Working Group Meeting Notes From February 2, 2013

We will use the new peer review checklist to walk through peer review for FileMan 22.2 in the OTJ. Peer review checklist is at:

Update: We had a very successful consensus review of Fileman 22.2 during yesterday's meeting. Based on the meeting, we have the following two actions that need to be investigated, after which we will submit a recommendation via the peer review:

Fileman 22.2 Getting Started Manual: UPDATE

Based on reader feedback, we made a few changes to the Getting Started Manual. Here is the updated version.


Fileman 22.2 Getting Started Manual

This is the Getting Started Manual for Fileman 22.2 in PDF format. We are working on an HTML version, and will link to it when it is complete.


VistA Visual Cross-Reference Documentation Updated to include FileMan File fields details

Detailed updates to Visual Cross Reference Documentation (

VA FileMan 22.2 FileMan Routine Changes and Visual Cross-Reference Documentation link.

By following the installation instruction of the Fileman 22.2 submission in OSEHRA Technique Journel (, we  install Fileman 22.2 sucessfully on a VistA instance based on FOIA 082412 release. Routine changes are extracted and imported into VistA-FOIA git repository based on FOIA 082412. The difference between Fileman 22.2 and FOIA 082412 can be view directly via github:

Fileman vs FOIA 082412

FileMan - self describing, data-wise

Context: been mailing with Sam about a code convergence call and here are some data-centric FileMan issues I'd like to bring up.

All in all, I'd like FileMan to be fully self-describing and enforcing so that its data is easier to model and mine. I don't want to have to do ANY data rework in an outside data store.

1. the three types of multiple: we need to distinguish/define these formally

Alpha Test Sites for Fileman version 22.2

The Fileman Lab Agile Project is seeking alpha test sites for Fileman version 22.2, currently scheduled to enter alpha testing starting Monday, 17 December 2012. In the modern world, in which software often goes directly from the developers' and internal testers' hands into "beta" testing, this may require a bit of explanation.

In the true VISTA software lifecycle, new versions of existing VISTA packages go through six layers of testing/validation.

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