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Visual Cross-Reference Documentation Updated

Visual Cross-Reference Documentation ( just updated!

OSEHRA Automated Patching framework for VistA Development


KIDS (Kernal Installation & Distribution System) is a standard way of sending and loading patches and packages in VistA. Because the way patches are constructed and distributed, every patch might have specified dependencies and may only apply in a specific order.

Automated VistA installation and testing using Vagrant

I've been working on an exciting project that will make fresh VistA instance creation and development environment configuration and setup as easy as typing "vagrant up" into a clone of the OSEHRA VistA repository.

VistA patch available from OSEHRA.

In late July, a possible VistA security vulnerability was discovered as part of an academic exercise at a major university.  The VISTA Expertise Network validated the vulnerability for some VistA configurations, and contacted OSEHRA to coordinate a community response.  A special open-source project group was formed.  Operating under non-disclosure agreements (industry best practice in handling zero-day exploits), OSEHRA members and collaborating partners (including VA and IHS) worked jointly to create and test an applicable patch.

2013 VISTA Expo & Symposium News ...

Have you registered for the 2013 VISTA Expo & Symposium?

MTools Peer Review

         Recently I had the chance to do a peer review of the MTools submission on the OSEHRA Technical Journal.

iEHR Memo Defines DoD Near and Mid Term Electronic Health Record (EHR) Acquistion Strategy


Please see memo dated 21 May 2013 from the Secretary of Defense below, which addresses DoD acquisition strategy, both near and mid-term, for the Integrated Electronic Health Record (iEHR).  

In it, the Defense Secretary states:

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