‘It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight…’ [Survivor]

So it seems that with two Sprints under our belts we’re ready to take on another!  Sprint 2 really let us hit the ground running, and Sprint 3 is looking like it will put us in a really stable place in terms of what we can offer for a refactored Problem List module.

Some of the high-level success of Sprint 2 were:

  • The establishment of an API (please see the Documents for a copy of this high-level information)
  • Completion of our Master Test Plan (please see the Documents section for a copy of this)
  • Creation of a good number of MUnit tests and numerous small programmer tests
  • Significant progress on automating testing for the scroll-and-roll terminal and initiating automated testing for CPRS (please see the Documents for a copy of this)

And if you’re interested in seeing what we have so far for our refactored code, please visit our public Git hub repository here: https://github.com/kthlnkeating/VistA-FOIA

Heading into Sprint 3 we are looking to:

  • Finishing the extraction of RPC/Option commonalities
  • Focusing on usage of Problem List from other packages
  • Diving into automatic and manual testing in finalization for certification

In anticipation of our upcoming Sprints, we will also be deciding, with respect to better defining our refactoring approach, where to go from here -- this includes not only what module(s) should come next in the refactoring line-up, but also to what deeper levels (if any) the VistA FOIA refactoring methodology should go in the future. We’re also working to establish a game plan for the best way to institute a refactoring library for all of our refactored code for future culmination and eventual (though, in the distant future) use for the VistA Gold Disk. There’s a lot to finish up now, but seemingly always a little bit more for what we should do in the future.

Many thanks to everyone for following all of our team’s hard work and progress. We sincerely appreciate your involvement and constant feedback. And certainly if you are new to the group or just want to know more about who we are and what we do, please feel free to contact us here – we always welcome your involvement and inquiries!