Breaking News: First-Ever OSEHRA Open Source Component Installed and Live at a Medical Facility

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We are pleased to report to you that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has installed its first OSEHRA (Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent) component at a medical facility.

The Janus graphical user interface – contributed to the open source community by Hawaii Resource Group LLC  – was retrieved, certified, and deployed to a clinic at the VA Palo Alto Health Center.  

Janus is a graphical user interface (GUI), which provides healthcare providers with a common view of both VA and DoD medical data. The GUI provides both Clinician-Centric and Patient-Centric data access, and utilizes “portal” and “widget” design concepts to allow customization by the individual user to meet their own unique preferences.  Clinicians can now use this new module, jointly-developed with DoD, to view patient data at the facility.

As noted by Peter L. Levin, Senior Advisor to the Secretary & Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, "This is the first step in a long path. But it is an important technical and operational accomplishment, and demonstrates the fundamental viability of the approach."

Stay tuned.  We will be providing additional details about the Palo Alto deployment as they become available!



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