Can we turn off Capta when posting entries?

It seems to me that logging on to the OSEHRA site should be good enough to allow people to post without going through another layer of authentication to the Capta process...

Can we just use the login to control access?  it would save a lot of time from retries :)




Why don't we just shift to mailing lists?

Tom Munnecke's picture

I saw an email fly by from Peter Groen saying that he agreed with this, but I can't find it on OSEHRA.  I also saw a comment to a post on the refactoring group that showed up in my email, but I can't find it on the OSEHRA site, either.

I'm getting very frustrated with the OSEHRA web site, at least as used for group communications.  It is very hard to find out what's new, or track what has been said; the response time is erratic, and it floods my email inbox with redundant messages - sometimes in duplicate.

Is there any reason we can't just move to traditional mailing list structure?  I have been using Google Groups for years now, and have been very happy with it.  I can control the traffic well, categorize my email traffic my way, and the archives are easily searchable.

It seems to me that mailing lists would be a much more efficient (and scalable) way of handling the OSEHRA group communications needs.