Concluding the First Annual OSEHRA Summit and Workshop


The new phase of our mission continues and expands as we conclude a very satisfying first Summit and Workshop.  I would like to thank the community of 350 people who participated in the event as speakers, panel members, inquisitors and staff. 

It was clear to us that the concept of open source is setting down deeper roots both in the Federal sector and private sector.  The community members are coming together to accelerate the development of collaborative projects in the OSEHRA environment. Our code repository is becoming a home of many more new codes for modernization and innovation led by the growing community.  Many of the discussions were focused on issues facing the future rather than the past.  We have discussed strategic priorities for community participation.  We have proposed certification framework for the contributed codes that will help improve the quality of codes that are important for open source operations.  Iron clad commitment by the highest leadership team of Veterans Affairs and enthusiastic response from the community will further fuel rapid innovation in electronic health records and health IT. 

We have begun the planning for the second annual summit and workshop in the late fall of 2013.  Please work with us to make the next event worthy of our shared commitment to delivering the best possible electronic health records for veterans, warriors and their family members, Americans and our friends around the world.


Seong K. Mun, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Open Source EHR Summit, October 17-18, National Harbor, Greater Washington DC



Slide Decks from Conference?

Art Hamerschlag's picture

Have the many excellent presentations from the first annual OSEHRA conference been posted to the OSEHRA website.  I know many of us who attended are eagerly waiting for them to be psoted, so we can share them with others.  Thank you, in advance, for your reply.   Art Hamerschlag