Convergence and HL7

Prompted by Peter Li on the Architecture group, I dug up some old "HL7 in VistA" reports I had - it was done on OpenVistA with a "pre-FMQL" VistA data scrapper (the initial idea for VistA patient extraction was "listen to HL7" and so there are reports. Then when that proved too hard/inadequate, FMQL was made). Most of it isn't of use for convergence but some is. The addition of interfacing of outside systems to VistA starts with HL7 extensions. For example: 1) Radiology: RA HL7 ... Medsphere added a whole bunch of HL7 protocols for communicating changes. 2) Registration (the target of initial convergence): DG HL7 ... Medsphere does A08's which WorldVistA doesn't. See: Registration and HL7 it leads to ... 3) And Pharmacy is interesting: how does this change with WorldVistA's ePrescribing? How are "outside the VA" folks setting this up? I don't know. These reports are old now. The complete list of packages (30 out of 120) with HL7 interfaces is here: HL7 by Package For anyone interested in the VA's hacky MPI HL7, some of it is detailed here: HL7 MPI . I had a note in there that one hack the VA did was to hardcode (hardcoding the configurable is always a hack) the name of the HL7 dispatch protocol. If you remove that protocol from the system then the MPI should stop trying to work. I don't know if this is true but if it is then this is one way MPI call outs could be disabled. Finally, these notes are old. Ala the work on code convergence, it would be much easier to produce fuller/proper HL7 reports today (ex/FMQL all protocols and One HL7 server protocol in detail etc.)