Conversation with Deborah Estrin regarding Open mHealth Initiative

I had the pleasure of taping a conversation with Deborah Estrin, professor of Computer Science at UCLA, at the 2012 O’Reilly Health Foo Camp.

Here is a video of our conversation.

She is one of the founders of Open mHealth:

During their service together on a National Academies committee in 2008, Deborah Estrin and Ida Sim realized that mobile health (mHealth) was an up-and-coming technology, and if we could successfully apply lessons learned from other information technologies, the impact on health could be dramatic. In 2010, they co-authored a position paper in Science Magazine calling for an open mHealth architecture. In April 2011, Deborah and Ida convened a group of experts from the software and health worlds to strategize about how to actualize such an architecture.

Open mHealth aims to bridge the divide between health and technology to enable meaningful collaboration. Our unique role is to work collaboratively with all actors in the mHealth ecosystem to grow shared software and techniques. Open mHealth is part of the solution – whether you’re proprietary or open source, public or private, we can be complementary to, and integrative of, your work.

We also spoke a bit about our shared connection to Internet Pioneer Jon Postel.  She was a “mentee” of his while at USC. Jon was extremely helpful to me when I was designing the early VistA electronic mail and networking system.  She now holds the on Postel Chair in Computer Networks at UCLA.

It would be good to see Open mHealth as part of the OSEHRA family of technologies.