DI*22.2*1 SEQ #1 Unit Test Framework

Monday I start work on the first patch we will release for File Manager version 22.2: DI*22.2*1 SEQ #1, Unit Test Framework. This patch will absorb the XTMUNIT and XTMUNIT1 routines within File Manager as new routines DMUNIT and DMUNIT1, and it will modify the existing Fileman unit-test-library routines DMUDIC00, DMUDIQ00, DMUDT000, and DMUDTC00 to call DMUNIT instead of XTMUNIT. This will eliminate the temporary but awkward dependency between Fileman and the uncertified, unverified routines XTMUNIT and XTMUNIT1, which although excellent and necessary have not yet been formally released by VA as part of any VISTA package.

To avoid this problem for other VISTA packages in the future, we will also document and support the use of DMUNIT by other packages. This patch will therefore include documentation changes and a new public integration agreement, so we'll get to exercise how to properly handle those kinds of changes in patches outside VA.

Joel Ivey's excellent XTMUNIT work includes a lot more than just these two routines, but we're postponing the absorption of the rest of it into Fileman until a future patch, to give us time to properly test and document it all. This first patch is just focused on cleaning up Fileman's interpackage dependencies, which only requires tackling these first two routines.

We're going to put this patch through all the usual paces for a production patch, which means we'll need testers willing to seriously exercise DMUNIT. Unit-test libraries have no direct production impact, so the usual requirement that a patch be tested in production is of little use here; to really test this patch we need help from developers, testers, and verifiers, since this is the kind of tool they would use. If you're interested, please let us know.

When the patch is ready for testing, it will include a documentation component that fully explains how to use DMUNIT.



XTMUnit has a home now :)

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It is nice that XTMUNIT has a home now :). Grated this should be further down the stack in something like MASH (M Advanced Shell), but it works for now.

I would be more than happy to do some testing on DMUNIT.