DoD Hackathon on Mobile Devices for the Greater Good

Cambridge big-data center hack/reduceplans to host the first-ever hackathon event with the U.S. Department of Defense, June 28-29.

The "Hackathon for Combat Feeding Mobile Apps" event aims to create new ways for soldiers to interact with nutritional data on mobile devices:

"...allowing them to better manage and understand their combat nutrition,
ultimately allowing them to out-perform any adversary..."

according to the hack/reduce description of the event.

The 24-hour event begins Friday, June 28 at 6 p.m.

As we have pointed out recently, hackathons are one of the fundamental units of activity in peer-production economies, of which Open Source is a textbook case.

Seeing the first-ever hackathon event at DoD is a promising sign of the progressive embracement of agile open source methodologies that can empower DoD to more rapidly respond to the challenges of rapidly evolving world.

In this particular event: 

The US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center
will provide nutritional data sets to hack/reduce as part of the event.
Participants will have the chance to win $6,000 in cash prizes at the event,
according to hack/reduce.

As it is common in peer-production economies, motivation and sharing of a common purpose is essential to fire up the will of the attendees. A touch of sense of humor, and an unstructure environment are essential to foster innovation and to cultivate creativity. Here is how the event is announced accordingly:


Your Mission: With the newly released combat ration nutritional data sets, hackers will look for innovative ways that Soldiers can interact with this data in an application. This will allow Soldiers to better manage and understand their combat nutrition, ultimately allowing them to out-perform any adversary.

There will be food for you, entertainment, mentorship, cash and prizes, and the chance to work on a newly released data set and develop an app that could be used by thousands of people while also saving tax dollars. 


More information about the event at