Education: Getting Started with EWD in the OSEHRA VM


Hands-on practice with the VM and EWD.

These are notes from a class exercise done at the Rensseler Polytechnic Institute.


The VM used here was kindly put together by Christopher Edwards on early September 2012 (Thanks Chris !)
You can do the same by using the dEWDrop VM kindly built and distributed by David Wicksell at  (with only slight changes in the location of directories).
Exercise Steps

1) Launch the Virtual Machine

2) open a terminal

3) cd /usr/ewdapps

4) mkdir ewddemo

5) cd ewddemo

6) gedit helloworld.ewd

and in the helloworld.ewd file put the following code:
<title>Hello World</title>
<p>Hello World !</p>

7) Save the file and quit the editor

8) Remain in the same directory: /usr/ewdapps/ewddemo

9) from the terminal launch GTM by typing:     gtm

10) In the GTM> prompt type:

do compileAll^%zewdAPI("ewddemo")

11) This should display the messages:



12) Once this is done, open the Firefox web browser

13) In the browser go to the URL


14) This should display in your browser the traditional "Hello World!" message.


Welcome to EWD !


For  more details, please look at:

and the Google group:!forum/enterprise-web-developer-community