"The effective programmer is keenly aware of the limited size of his own head." - ascribed to Edsger W. Dijkstra

You may be asking yourself -- "Wait...the refactoring team is still out there?"

Why yes, yes we are...we've just had a brief (okay, maybe not so brief) break in making sure this blog is kept up to date. HOWEVER, we're back in business and ready to keep you in-the-loop on what the team has been working on and where we're headed.

As it's been a while since the last entry, we've summarized what's been happening throughout the past few Sprints...and combined updates for the Refactoring, System Test Platform, and refactoring/testing tools efforts:

Refactoring/API development -- 

  • Problem List can ALMOST see the end of its long certification tunnel (peer review is complete, and there are just a few more things left to do for formal review to be marked as complete)
  • Scheduling Appointment Manager and ADT Bed Control (Registration) are now in the certification queue for peer review
  • Updates were continued for Scheduling Supervisor Menu

Testing -- 

  • Necessary updates were implemented to each module’s respective tests as they pass through internal and certification reviews
  • Updates were made to the current automated testing framework (ATF) to support web application testing for a VBA system (Stakeholder Enterprise Portal [SEP])
  • RASR is available for use and review via the OTJ

Tools --

  • VOLDEMORT remains available for reference in the OSEHRA Sandbox GitHub repo
  • The set of Eclipse MUMPS Plug-ins (updated version of VA’s MTools, as developed by Joel Ivy) was delivered late June and currently is available from the OTJ (and should be expecting an updated version in the near future in light of continued fixes by the team)

Short Term Plans (for the rest of the current Sprint, which ends 9/19) --

  • Refactoring/API development: implementing any updates and addressing bug fixes for modules going through certification, as well as working updates for Scheduling Supervisor Menu
  • Testing: mirroring necessary amendments for modules going through certification and looking to deliver final SEP ATF support mid-September
  • Tools: continuing updates for plug-in issues

No guarantee right now of when the next post will be, but stay tuned here for more on what the team’s working on and post any questions/concerns you may have. In the meantime, feel free to check out the respective OTJ submissions for more information and documentation, and as always we appreciate you keeping tabs on our team’s efforts.