Fileman 22.2 Documentation Suite

The Fileman 22.0 documentation suite, as released by VA, included: Release Notes, Installation Guide, Technical Manual, Getting Started Manual, Advanced User Manual, and Programmer Manual.

We're in the process now of revising the documentation suite for the 22.2 release. We have completed the Release Notes, and I believe that the current draft has been uploaded to the "Documents" section of this project. (It is a "current draft" because we haven't yet received VA approval for it.)

We are working on the Installation Guide. And when I say "we're working on it," I mean that I re-formatted the old guide and then gave it to Rick and Sam, and am currently hoping really, really hard that they update it.

We're working on a Getting Started manual, which now has two sections: one for end users and one for super-users. We are cutting down on the size of this manual by removing a lot of content that isn't really "getting-started" material.

We also plan a brand-new manual, which is a Getting Started guide for programmers. 

The programmers' material that doesn't wind up in the Getting Started guide may get folded into the Technical Manual. Or, depending on how much there is, there might still be a separate Programmer Manual.

We plan to do a separate Security Manual.

In addition, we realized that the material we took out of the Getting Started Guide needs to go somewhere, and that even the Advanced User Guide doesn't necessarily need to contain everything. We're considering creating a Fileman Reference Manual--kind of a "one manual to rule them all." Except, you know, not all evil and stuff. The Reference Manual would essentially be the "parts list" for Fileman: every feature, every option, everything you can do with Fileman in one whopping huge document.

So, at the moment, the plans for the Fileman 22.2 documentation suite include: Release Notes, Installation Guide, Technical Manual, Users' Getting Started Manual, Programmers' Getting Started Manual, Advanced User Manual, Security Manual, Reference Manual, and, possibly, a Programmer Manual.

Of course, our deadline for documentation is December 1, and I'm not hopeful that we can get all nine manuals completely written (or re-written) in the next three weeks. So, we'll do what we can, and hope to be able to refine the documentation as we continue forward with the FLAP project.