In Government Health IT ... Q&A: 3M on how Open HDD and VA, DoD iEHR will trigger innovation


See interesting interview by Government Health IT Editor, Tom Sullivan, with 3M President Jon Lindekugel in which he talks about the “recently licensed open source Healthcare Data Dictionary (Open HDD) originally developed by the 3M Company that is now available to contractors through an HDD Content Download License.” ...  In the interview Lindekugel speaks with Government Health IT about his vision for the open source HDD, the healthcare problems it can help to address, the innovations he hopes it will inspire and the business ecosystem he helps it will spawn ....   

Q: From your perspective, what's the potential for how the VA and DoD using Open HDD within iEHR could affect the healthcare industry?
3M is a content company. We innovate the language, primarily around coding and reimbursement, methodology and terminology. That’s really what we do. So our vision is combining that content with technology that enables the healthcare industry to get the maximum return on the big investment that’s been made creating and managing electronic health data. For the HDD we think it’s fundamental to making that happen. The use of HDD will help the industry drive consistent, complete and accurate clinical documentation.

That clinical documentation, and having it be complete, consistent and accurate, really is the foundational data that gets used to communicate, diagnose, deliver, measure and, in terms of coding, pay for healthcare services. It’s also the foundational data throughout all the research that will drive care quality up and the costs down. So as you talk to the Stan Huffs of the world and others at Intermountain, for example, they’ll talk about exactly what I just described: Getting complete, accurate, consistent clinical documentation, getting it in an electronic form and being able to run comparative effectiveness studies to improve care and drive the costs down.

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