Heath System Leaders Working Towards High Value Care through Integration of Care and Research, Apr. 23-24

Although this is short notice, and it conflicts with our regular call, which is of great importance this week, I wanted to bring this workshop to the attention of the group. It is being web-cast in it's entirety and you can register to participate is as much or as little as you desire. Registration is available here: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1614451/VSRT-Heath-System-Leaders-Working-Towards-High-Value-Care-through-Integration-of-Care-and-Research, and I have attached the agenda below.

This workshop, sponsored by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) and convened by the Institute of Medicine, will engage health system leaders in a discussion of the issues, challenges, and approaches that present the greatest opportunity for executive engagement in leadership of efforts to generate new knowledge in the routine delivery of medical care as part of a continuously learning health system. The work will give special focus to extending opportunity presented by development of the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network (PCORNet).

The first of a series of two workshops, this workshop will provide an opportunity for sharing of best practices from organizations on the leading edge of leveraging research and analytics for performance improvement, increased efficiency, and better care value; as well as identifying and addressing common challenge issues such as regulatory oversight, models of sustainability, proprietary considerations, and governance.

The goals of the April 23-24 workshop are:

1. Foster the development of a shared commitment, vision, and strategy among health system leaders building a national clinical research network.
2. Broaden and deepen health systems’ leadership awareness of the prospects for and from a continuously learning health system.
3. Learn from models and examples of productive integration of research with care delivery programs.
4. Identify common issues compelling to health systems leaders related to science, technology, ethics, regulatory oversight, business, and governance.
5. Explore strategic opportunities for executive, clinical, and research leaders to forge working partnerships for progress.
6. Consider the approach and desirable outcomes of a meeting of CEO leaders vital to building and sustaining a functional, real-time national clinical research network.

All of the above information is available here: http://www.pcori.org/events/heath-system-leaders-working-towards-high-value-care-through-integration-of-care-and-research/?type=&utm_source=April+22+board+webinar&utm_campaign=PCORI+Updates%3A+Funding+Deadline+Coming+Up%2C+New+Engagement+Resources&utm_medium=email