The House FY14 Bill contains $344 million in funding to jump start a single, integrated DoD and VA EHR System

The House Appropriations Subcommittee in Military Construction and Veterans Affairs issued FY14 Bill on May 14, 2014. The bill includes language on a single, integrated electronic health record system as shown in their summary below.

DOD-VA Electronic Health Record – The bill contains $344 million in funding to jumpstart a single, integrated Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs electronic health record system. The legislation requires that a unified system be certified by the Secretaries of DOD and the VA, and confirmed by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), before the majority of funding for the program is released.

The full text can be found at Before it becomes a congressional mandate, it will need a similar language in the Senate defense appropriations bill, support of the conference committee and presidential signature of the final bill.



The road to a true iEHR

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I believe the significance of this cannot be understated and is underscored by the move by SECDEF to provide acquisitions oversight for the medical IM/IT budget.  Ms. Takai's guidance strongly echoes the same unification of the largest EHR systems in the government.

What is both encouraging and daunting at the same time, is the enterprise architecture aspect of what will be the most utilized cross-domain data contruct in the US government outside of the intelligence community.



Sky Sharma