MTools Peer Review

         Recently I had the chance to do a peer review of the MTools submission on the OSEHRA Technical Journal. The premise of the submission is a plugin for the extremely popular and widely used Eclipse IDE that will allow you to do VistA development. It builds on the already existing MTools project created by the VA by adding new features such as hierarchical directory structures and also a better debugging solution that provides the availability to do code traces.

        This solution can have a quite impact in numerous ways. It can increase programmer productivity by allowing them to use already existing tools that exist in Eclipse. It also provides a lot of useful VistA specific features that will be able to help decrease development time. Some of these features are color syntax editing, Tag outline view, Routine synchronization via loading and saving, debugging capability and a variety of validation, analysis, and refactoring tools.

         The work done here can have a great impact on the VA and VistA as it will be welcoming to newcomers who will be able to use an all-in-one development environment already created that enables them to get adjusted more quickly while also increasing the productivity and efficiency of already existing VistA developers. I would encourage interested users to check out the OTJ submission at and to provide your own review or comments.