New M-Tools available

The MEditor, MDebugger, MUnit, and MLogger tools developed by Joel Ivey have been posted:

Warning from the ReadMe file:


The user must recognize that the current version is NOT released software,this is a TEST version. It has been used by a number of programmers, but itis not officially released.


Thank You Joel! (tip of the hat to vancurtis for pointing it out)



M-Unit GUI executable

morgan jeppson's picture

I have loaded the M-Unit GUI executable onto my desktop.  I am using FOIA VistA from OSEHRA, FileMan 22.3.  It appears that the encryption between the GUI and VistA are mismatched for Access and Verify codes.  Thus I cannot sign into the GUI M-Unit software.  Any leads on how to fix this?  It would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for your time.


M-Unit GUI Executable

Joseph Snyder's picture

Hi Morgan,

Thanks for your interest in the GUI for M-Unit.  We have encountered a problem like this with other Delphi GUIs and it relates to the cipher pad used to unencrypt the Access and Verify codes.  The problem lies in the XUSRB1 routine at the Z entry point.  

I just tried with a download of the executable, and I was able to connect to my instance by substituting the hash found at the end of  XUSRB1 (either through Cache Studio or through the ZEDIT functionality of GT.M) with the following hash:

   ;;wkEo-ZJt!dG)49K{nX1BS$vH<&:Myf*>Ae0jQW=;|#PsO`'%+rmb[gpqN,l6/hFC@DcUa ]z~R}"V\iIxu?872.(TYL5_3
  ;;rKv`R;M/9BqAF%&tSs#Vh)dO1DZP> *fX'u[.4lY=-mg_ci802N7LTG<]!CWo:3?{+,5Q}(@jaExn$~p\IyHwzU"|k6Jeb
  ;;\pV(ZJk"WQmCn!Y,y@1d+~8s?[lNMxgHEt=uw|X:qSLjAI*}6zoF{T3#;ca)/h5%`P4$r]G'9e2if_>UDKb7<v0&- RBO.
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This can be copied and pasted directly into the routine.  Then be sure to compile the routine before attempting to connect with the GUI again.  I'm not having a lot of luck actually running the tests so you may be stuck even after this, but this should get your connection going.