open source XForms and XML database

I have come across or stumbled upon and built a solution for patients entering online information into a form using XForms.

With HL7 v3 being in XML I have noticed most physicians are having new patients enter their (past medical history, medications, allergies, sugical history ect) information online via a form most times a pdf form. What about the open source XForms the results are in XML format when user click send results can automatically be put into an XML open source database eXist and used for queries or further processing and the best part the form results can be mapped to the HL7 CCD document for interoperability.

Their is an open source EMR that uses XFoms as their interface for entering patient data (openMRS)

XForms can be used instead of the conventional HTML and XForms can be read on any type of device with little coding change.

Just a thought.