In A billion thanks to the open source community from Red Hat


Please see link to and short abstract below of article in  from Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat.  In it, Jim thanks the open source community for its contribution to the company's recent success in surpassing $1 billion in annual revenues .... So I guess there is a business model in open source ...


Conrad Clyburn, Director, Community Development, OSEHRA, Inc.

A billion thanks to the open source community from Red HatPosted 29 Mar 2012 by Jim Whitehurst (Red Hat)Sixteen years ago, few imagined that a handful of people at a Linux start-up in North Carolina were laying the groundwork for an open source business with more than a billion dollars in annual revenue. Yet as we stand at that milestone, and as we take the opportunity to reflect, we believe our success speaks volumes about the power of community.

This billion dollar milestone is not only a win for Red Hat—it is a victory for open source advocates everywhere. Our fight has always been about something greater than just access to software code. The open source movement is rooted in shared values about knowledge; it is founded on ideas that are both ordinary and revolutionary. As members of this community, we elevate transparency over secrecy. We prize freedom rather than control. This is the open source way: sharing ideas and information, contributing to an intellectual commons that leads to greater innovation and benefits us all....

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