Phoenix Rising: Exposing M to Javascript in Node.js

Rob Tweed has been quite busy reporting on the great initiative
of making the M database accessible to the Node.js language.


This effort has the potential of revitalizing the M community and
bringing in the thousands of young developers that are needed
to support, maintain and imporve the large base of healthcare
systems based on M.


See Rob's Blog series at


Particularly fascinating is the way in which Rob Tweed and David Wicksell
have managed to integrate the hierarchical structure of the M Globals, with
the native structures of the Javascript language (in Node.js), and in this way
offering to Javascript developers the same level of language/databse integration
that the M community has been enjoying for decades due to the thight integration
of the M database with the M language.


We will be following in this approach on our educational activities at SUNY Albany,
where M and EWD is being included in the curriculum for the undergrad courses on
Databases and Web Development.


David just posted the integration module at: