Product Management activities at the VistA Community Meeting

Welcome back, everyone!  I hope your holidays went well, as mine did (not least because they were spent quietly close to home!).

For those of you I haven't met, let me give a quick sketch:  I'm a 33-year IT veteran (that means I remember card punches and paper tape) and have been active in health IT since 1992, focusing on quality systems and electronic data interchange standards and frameworks.  From 2002 to 2013 I consulted to the VistA Imaging Project on PACS interface standards, database design, code quality methodologies and digital pathology interoperability.  I joined OSEHRA as the Director of Open Source Product Management in October 2013, succeeding Matt McCall.

Even though I've been working with VistA since we called it DHCP, candor obliges me to admit that next week's VistA Community meeting will be my first.  However, having worked with many of you over the years, I have high hopes for a fun and productive weekend, and am much obliged to the meeting organizers for providing presentation time on the crowded schedule.

On Friday (subject to change) I'll be making a presentation on OSEHRA product management activities, including patch and package management, product visualization -- including cool tools under development by Christopher Edwards -- and our vision for continuing community alignment of a quality open-source electronic health record.  There are several activities now in motion and it's been pleasant, if a bit hectic, to help guide and record their daily progress.  Denise Lefevre, CIO of Oroville Hospital and co-chair of the OSEHRA Product Management Work Group, is also scheduled to present.

In addition, I'd like to get together with as many of you as would like to join me for breakfast on Friday and Saturday mornings.  My tentative plan is to get a room at the Marriott Midtown where we can have coffee, fruit, and rolls around 7:00 so we can make it over to UC Davis in plenty of time for the days' meetings.  This, we hope, will be especially welcome to those of us who are readjusting our dietary clocks from the Mountain, Central and Eastern time zones.  More on this activity as the date draws closer

Also, I'll be glad to make myself available for birds-of-a-feather sessions later in the day and evening if there are topics that folks would like to chat about after the formal presentation activities.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in Sacramento!