The Second Annual VISTA Expo is right around the corner!


An important message from our friend, Carol Monahan, Director of Strategy, VISTA Expertise Network, about the rapidly approaching VISTA Expo & Symposium.



The Second Annual VISTA Expo is right around the corner!

Pre-conference activities begin next Saturday, September 8, and the
Expo & Symposium begins Tuesday, September 11. There is still time to
register at:
If you have any questions, or any difficulty with the registration
system, contact, and we will be happy to
assist you.

Seats are still available in our pre-conference classes:
* 3-Day Intensive EWD Course
* 3-Day GT.M Course
* 2-Day PMI-Agile Certified Professional prep class for Project
Managers (provides PDUs)
* 1-Day Command Course in Agile Project Management (provides PDUs)
* CPRS Refresher Course for Clinicians

David Whitten is also organizing a Code-A-Thon during the
pre-conference. Please contact him about attending - information can
be found in the Hardhats Google Group:!topic/hardhats/KjqiJimGKj4
(or contact

Our key topics at the VISTA Expo will be: Code Convergence with an
emphasis on RPMS, the future of VISTA Pharmacy and VISTA Lab in light
of recent VA decisions, VISTA business models and the potential for
single Meaningful Use certification, and Managing Complexity - all
important topics for VISTA!

Please vote for the best VISTA Extensions and vxJourney VISTA
Webinars, at these links:
VISTA Extension Challenge:
vxJourney VISTA Webinar Awards:
The winners will be announced, and prizes awarded, at the VISTA Expo
on Wednesday, September 12th.

The VISTA Expo & Symposium will be holding a silent auction to support
the continued operations of the website. To donate items
or services to the auction, please contact:

We look forward to seeing you here in Seattle!
-Carol Monahan
Director of Strategy
VISTA Expertise Network