Some early ideas from the genomics folks, and an early meeting

Someof us are getting together at the NGS and NGS analytics meeting in Providence, RI during August 12-15th. Again, it is open to anyone.


Some ideas include:

-open source solutions

-Compressive genomics – what gets lost?

-Use of synthetic electronic health records as an experimental test bed for optimization of gene data storage

-Making sense out of unstructured data using natural language processing -  the electronic health record

-Pattern-matching of patient profiles using pre-defined disease phenotypes based on clinical and genomic data for clinical decision support

-Optimizing the storage of methylated promoter sequence data - gene x environment data analysis

-Computational approaches for correlative measures of transcriptional activation and gene expression - integration and storage

-Big data analytics

-tranSMART and SMART

-HL7 formats and options – what works best for which omic data type?

-data scaling

-genotype-based, dose ranging algorithms

We are going to configure the output of this as a Nature publication.