Teaching M Database and M Language at SUNY-Albany Spring 2013 Part I


As part of the Data & Databases (INF 202) and Web Development (INF 362) classes at SUNY-Albany, we have worked in collaboration with instructor Dima Kassab to prepare a series of hands-on activities that introduce students to the practical use of the M Language and the M Database.

Here are the supporting slides used for the first two sessions of these activities

These presentations focus on the use of M as a Hierarchical NoSQL database, and the basic use of the M language constructs.

The students were first introduced to the importance of M, by two kind speakers from the Albany VA Medical Center: Mark Warner and Chris Minardi. Many Thanks to Mark and Chris for sharing their background and experience with the students, and helping raise awareness about the importance of re-introducing M in the higher education curriculum.

During the second session, students worked on hands-on exercises using a Linux server with GT.M 6.0-001 installed.

Each one of the sessions took about one hour, and were mostly performed by students at their own pace, while two instructors moved through the room providing assistance as needed.

An Ubuntu Linux Sever was set up in the Amazon EC2 cloud, and all students got user accounts on that server.

Thanks to Amazon for providing an academic grant to SUNY CCI that covers the student use of the servers used in multiple classes.




great work thanks

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great work thanks