The unexpected bump in the road...

We previously told the community that our goal was to submit our unit tests, functional tests, scripts, and refactored Problem List code in early May.  

This original schedule slipped slightly when we encountered problems with transactions in the GTM environment for our unit and functional tests. We have been able to find workarounds for the unit tests, but are still investigating the functional tests.

Our current plan is to remove the transactions from the functional tests for now, and submit our unit tests and functional tests within the next week; and if everything is in order, we will then submit the refactored code the following week.

Our team has recorded the encountered GTM issues in OSEHRA’s issue tracker; the OSEHRA team will help us investigate more into using transactions in the GTM environment.

Beyond submitting tests and refactored code to OSEHRA for certification, we’re continuing to investigate the Scheduling module interfaces.  We are also still looking at options to further decouple packages with improvements in FileMan.

We appreciate all of the help we’ve received thus far from the OSEHRA community, and look forward to submitting our tests and refactored Problem List code over the next two weeks.