VA FileMan 22.2 FileMan Routine Changes and Visual Cross-Reference Documentation link.

By following the installation instruction of the Fileman 22.2 submission in OSEHRA Technique Journel (, we  install Fileman 22.2 sucessfully on a VistA instance based on FOIA 082412 release. Routine changes are extracted and imported into VistA-FOIA git repository based on FOIA 082412. The difference between Fileman 22.2 and FOIA 082412 can be view directly via github:

Fileman vs FOIA 082412

Visual Cross-Reference Documentation based on Fileman 22.2 can also be found at:

Fileman 22.2 Visual Cross-Reference

To view the difference between Fileman 22.2 and FOIA 082412, you can open FOIA 082412 in another window, and comare them side by side.