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Announcing the Re-establishment of the popHealth User Group

Dear OSEHRA community,


We would like to announce the re-establishment and first meeting of one of our OSEHRA groups.  The popHealth User Group, chaired by Jackie Mulhall, will be an open discussion group about popHealth for new or potential popHealth users. The monthly calls will educate participants on what popHealth is all about and new developments.

This group meets on the second Wednesday of each month, and the next meeting is scheduled for October 14 at 2:00pm Eastern.  Here is the login information for the call:

OSEHRA Summit 2015 Presentation on Relevance to VistA, Population Analytics, and the OSEHRA Roadmap - By Dr. Barry Robson

Q-UEL / HDN Method and approach development to address Population Health and EBM / CDSS etc
OSEHRA 2015 Summit Presentation Attached Below
1.The QEXL Consortium researches a  THINKING Semantic Web for mining, linking, managing, and inferencing from, all data and knowledge.
2.Q-UEL is being designed as an alternative to IBM’s Watson  for medicine by distributing computation across the Internet rather than on centralized high performance machines.

Immunizations Work Group meeting today at 4pm Eastern

Greetings all,

Please join us for the Immunization Work Group meeting this afternoon at 4pm. The login details are below:

Event address:

Dial-in: 1-650-479-3207 Access code: 660 146 910

We hope to see you there!


The OSEHRA Admin Team

New Online Course: Understanding EWD.js: Working with Global-based Databases

I’ve added an important new online course to the EWD.js training materials available at Udemy.  It’s named “Understanding EWDjs: Working with Global-based Databases”

As its title implies, the new course focuses on how you use the Global-based storage provided by Cache, GlobalsDB or GT.M from within EWD.js.

In fact, however, the course takes a wide-ranging look at Global storage, including:

- the basics of what it is

- how it can be used to model all the different types of NoSQL database

October 6, 2015: Meeting Summary

The Certification Work Group had another excellent meeting today.  One submission finished it's certification cycle and another started the cycle up.  The group also came to a consensus on the changes to the certification process that are necessary when a submission is going through re-certification.  As always, the slides for today's meeting can be found attached to this post on



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