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New Work Group! First OA2 Meeting Scheduled

The first bi-weekly meeting for the new Open API and Open Architecture (OA2) Work Group has been scheduled.  Sponsored by Organizational Member CGI Federal, the goal of this group is to leverage the OSEHRA community’s deep knowledge, along with new Open API initiatives in the HIT industry, to draft a conceptual HIT Open Architecture. The group will also support efforts to pilot and implement reference implementations of its use.

Introducing OSEHRA's New Look

Today OSEHRA unveils our new organization logo and refreshed brand identity. These updates reflect the growth and evolution of our organization since its founding in 2011 and points the way for OSEHRA’s path moving forward.  Our community has evolved tremendously over the last seven years, and we felt it was time to explore a new logo to capture and showcase our thriving open ecosystem.

New Synthetic Patient Data Project Group

OSEHRA is pleased to announce the formation of a new Open Source Project Group focused on the generation of synthetic patient data. This project group will work to develop an open source toolset for creating clinically valid synthetic data and import it into VistA and RPMS for testing. Existing products and services such as Synthea and MiHIN will be surveyed, and will serve as the launch points for this project.

Discussion on Future of eHMP on October 18

We would like to thank Dr. Shane McNamee and his partners for Wednesday’s presentation on the most recent accomplishments of the Enterprise Health Management Platform (eHMP) project.  We encourage those who were unable to attend to view the recording of the call, which will be available next week here.

Final eHMP TWG Meeting on October 11, 2017

The next Enterprise Health Management Platform (eHMP) Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 11, 2017.   Dr. Shane McNamee of the Veterans Health Administration will present a series of new capabilities in eHMP related to discharge care coordination.  Join us to see a demo of this functionality which will likely be included in future software releases to OSEHRA.

eHMP TWG Meeting on September 18, 2017

The next Enterprise Health Management Platform (eHMP) Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting will be held on Monday, September 18, 2017.  The meeting will focus on how to create an eHMP app using the open source development tools provided in the Apache 2.0 release of eHMP.  Sam Habiel of OSEHRA will present the progress he has made, show the community where to find his code, and solicit feedback on next steps for the app.

Next eHMP TWG Meeting Scheduled

The next Enterprise Health Management Platform (eHMP) Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting has been scheduled.  The meeting will feature a special presentation by Organizational Member, KRM Associates, Inc. on their Light Enterprise Application Framework (LEAF) which utilizes features of eHMP.  Jack Shaffer, Chief Operations Officer of KRM will outline KRM's work with eHMP as well as how they were able to create LEAF from eHMP.

Summit 2017 Proceedings Available

I would like to thank all those who participated in the 2017 Open Source Summit. Many of you contributed to the success of this year’s event by serving as sponsors, exhibitors, session chairs, moderators, speakers, panel members, committee members, poster presenters, Leadership Award recipients, and engaged attendees. Thank you all for sharing your talent and time with us this year.

VA Announces New EHR Platform

The Department of Veterans Affairs yesterday announced a decision to select a new electronic health record system based on the same platform that DoD purchased a couple of years ago.  The announcement recognizes many unique needs of VA that differ from the DoD.  VA would thus not be implementing an identical EHR.  VA is trying to create a future health IT ecosystem that takes advantage of previous investments with this new platform, as well connections with many other IT systems in the private sector.

OSEHRA RFI Responses Posted

Following our community call on April 17, OSEHRA received feedback from multiple members suggesting that we reply to the VA RFIs on “Supplemental Commercial Health Information Technology Platform”, and “VistA Commercialization”.  While we obviously do not compete for such contracts, the members felt that we could offer comments on the requirements from an open source perspective.  Accordingly, OSEHRA submitted responses to each of the RFIs.  Copies of these responses were made available to our members on the day of submission.  We are now making them available for public


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