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House of Sweden Health IT Seminar

On September 22, I will be participating in a Health IT panel at the House of Sweden in connection with a visit by Sweden’s Minister for Health Care, Public Health and Sport– Mr. Gabriel Wikström.  This is a great opportunity to increase awareness of the OSEHRA Community and to expand our global connections.  I am honored to participate.

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Great session. Thanks Matt and now you have my email��

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FCW Article on VA and VIstA

An article published yesterday on FCW discusses the debate about the future of VA and VA’s information system.  It mentions the 2016 OSEHRA Summit, and includes quotes from our community members.  Given the depth and breadth of health IT expertise in our community, I am sure that we will continue to be actively engaged in this debate.  See

Seong K. Mun, Ph.D.


Great Webinar on Oncology Clinical Information System

Many thanks to Arya Rasouli and his team for what was a very informative and exciting webinar on the Johns Hopkins Oncology Clinical Information System (OCIS).  Yesterday’s session attracted more than 40 participants from academia, industry and international, and the number of questions and comments was too great to discuss on the call!  As a result, we have established an OSEHRA Discussion Group for OCIS.

VistA at the Summit

Can you believe that we are less than 2 weeks from the OSEHRA Summit?  We and the open source community have had an interesting year full of changes and success stories.  Our speakers will address all of these topics, including various aspects of VistA.  Many things have been said about VistA both publically and privately in the past couple of months, so I want to point your attention to our Summit’s approach.

The 2016 OSEHRA Summit

The 2016 OSEHRA Summit to be held June 27-29 is sixty days away, and we are very excited about the way it has come together.   You can view the full agenda online, as well as additional information about the event.   I would like to thank DSS Inc., our Conference Sponsor, our Program Committee, and the entire community for their efforts!