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Certification Work Group call today (July 2nd) at 1:00PM Eastern

Good morning! Please join us for the Certification Working Group Call today at 1:00PM Eastern.  At today's meeting we will be officially assigning the recommended certification level for the VA-PALS submission and continuing with the certification of the VPE 15.1 submission.  A Peer Review was performed yesterday for the VPE submission, we will review it and move to the Final Review if all is well. 

We hope to see you at today's meeting!

The connection information for the Zoom meeting is found below and will be used for the future meetings:

Visualization OSPG call today (June 27th, 2019) at 1pm Eastern

Good morning!

We hope you'll join the Visualization OSPG for its meeting at 1pm today.  We're at the end of our current sprint, so we'll have a quick meeting to show off the work that we have done over the past four weeks and talk a little bit about the OSEHRA Summit

We hope to see you then!
The call-in information is below:

Hi there, 

OSEHRA Releases popHealth v6.0

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OSEHRA is pleased to announce the release of Version 6.0 of the popHealth® open source clinical quality measure database and reporting engine.