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Visualization OSPG call today (August 8th, 2019) at 1pm Eastern

Good morning!

We hope you'll join the Visualization OSPG for its meeting at 1pm today.  We will be discussing the work done over the last couple of weeks including the Python 3 transition for the Visualization scripts and some updates to the DOX page linking 

The call-in information is below:

Hi there, 

Plan VI Final Summary

This is a post that will summarize all of the changes that we made to VistA in order for VistA to work with languages other the US English. We will also describe some items that we couldn't solve in our timeline. The table of contents should give you a good idea of all the items in the list. At the end of the document, you can find links to all the KIDS builds, docker images, and the Github repos hosting all the changes made to the VistA source code.


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