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SOA Suite/ESB Workshop Hosted by Harris Corp Today at 3-5 PM EST

To All Member of OSEHRA Architecture Work Group, Harris Corp. will host the SOA Suite/ESB Workshop during the two hour long AWG meeting. Note the new call-in info for today's call. When: Tuesday, October 02, 2012 3:00 PM-5:00 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada). Where: Phone number: 321-674-4300 Meeting ID: 3152 1. Dial the appropriate phone number from the list above. 2. Press 1, then enter the Meeting ID (found in the top section of the meeting notice). Joining the Web (Data Sharing) Conference 1. Click on the link:

Re: Setting up RPMS de-novo: Changes I had to make to run it on GT.M...

Resending as it bounced from the Server yesterday. On Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 5:40 PM, Sam Habiel wrote: > I am setting up RPMS so that we can have it as a reference point for > doing Fileman Convergence. > > I have to say that I found a lot more Cacheisms than before. In any > case, I had to make two changes to run it on GT.M. > > 1. DIRCR has code that says if you are not Cache you must be MSM. And > thus it executes MSM specific code for GT.M. I changed this... this is > part of Fileman FYI and Geroge T is aware of this IHS local mod.

New Rackspace Discussion #2

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Fwd: [code-convergence] New Project for Code Convergence Workgroup - FileMan convergence

I have changed the ZTDITEST2 code, up to version 0.6, hopefully to be more robust and more extensible. As always, I appreciate comments or discussion. Fabian, this should replace the previous version of ZTDITEST2. I still haven't found out how to "record testcases" from an M routine. Is there a method currently in use in OSEHRA for non-MUNIT-organized test code ? If not, could someone point me to exactly which labels I need to have to be MUNIT compatible? Thanks - David PS: Christopher Edwards asked me to outline that the current code goes

The first example to my knowledge of a routine converging IHS and VA practices...

I am doing installation of patches and then diffing them. I saw some very interesting lines in BMCA routine PSBRPC, patch 42. I "SS"[$P($G(PSBDATA),"^",3) D Q:RESULTS(1)<0 .S:$P(PSBDATA,"^")?1"0"9N.U PSBDATA=$E(PSBDATA,2,99) N PSBCNT .; IHS vs VA Agency check for Patient ID info .I $G(DUZ("AG"))'="I",$G(DUZ("AG"))'="V" S RESULTS(0)=1,RESULTS(1)="-1^Invalid Agency Code - Not IHS or VA" Q .I $G(DUZ("AG"))="I" D ..S X=-1 ..I $P(PSBDATA,U)?12N S X=$$HRCNF^APSPFUNC($P(PSBDATA,U)) ..S:X'>0 RESULTS(0)=1,RESULTS(1)="-1^Patient not found or # not 12 digit"


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