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Harris wins disputed VA integrated health record contract for ESB

Harris wins disputed VA integrated health record contract for ESB

BY BOB BREWIN 03/21/2012

The Veterans Affairs Department said it awarded a contract vital to the development of an integrated VA-Defense Department electronic health record system to Harris Corp., following the abrupt termination of a deal with ASM Research in March.

First pass RPMS report

Here's the first pass of the RPMS report: RPMS forks a lot - but one surprise is that they also re-include a lot of basic VA routines in their builds. Skip doesn't do that in his WorldVistA builds which is good. It's lazy to reload the same thing again and again. I allowed for it by matching checksums. Conor On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 2:00 PM, luisibanez wrote: > We will continue the Code Convergence analysis of > current diffs in the issue tracker on: > > > > Wednesday, March 21st >

HIFA2015: Healthcare Information for All by 2015

A Global Campaign:

Healthcare Information for All by 2015

HIFA2015 Webinars

HIFA2015 Webinars provide an opportunity for HIFA2015 members and others
to explore key issues in depth – in real time. Anyone with an interest is welcome
to participate.

The first webinar in the series will be:

HIFA2015 Webinar 1:
Can Open Access publishing provide Healthcare Information For All by 2015?

Re: [architecture] A Proposal to create a Universal Namespace for Health Information Architectures

to go narrow for a moment, giving every resource of every EHR a unique URL makes all the sense in the world and remember, current HIE specs overlay unique ids on those portions of EHR data that go into CCDs. Each publisher has a unique id and the contents of their documents are unique in this context. The main problem with the "standard" mechanism is that it uses OIDs ( Oy Vey OIDs! ) Why use a technology last seen as promising in 1992 when you can use URLs? To scope up to part of what Tom is addressing: give every VistA resource a URL and that's what I did/had to do in FMQL.

RE: OSEHRA AWG WG Telecom 4PM EDT Today (Tuesday) - AGENDA

Weekly Open-Source EHR - Architecture Work Group (AWG) Telecom March 20, 2012 OSEHRA AWG AGENDA-MINUTES Last Updated 12 noon, 20-Mar-12 DATE & TIME: Every Tuesday 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT CALL IN: The new AWG Dial-in: (712) 432-6545, Access Code: 960041 REGISTER at: (NEW: accommodates 100) Once registered you will receive an email with information you need to join the Webinar. DOCUMENTS at: DISCUSSION at: WIKI at:

Code Convergence Bug Tracker Location

Good Morning All;

Per the discussion we held last Wednesday, the location of the Code Convergence issue tracker is listed below; it is also featured in the description of the project.

Please feel free to log in and create accounts, and experiment with the functionality.  Any thoughts regarding how it can be customized to support this process are welcomed.




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