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Next OSEHRA Development Tools Teleconference: Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 3-4pm EST


The next web conference for the OSEHRA development tools group is scheduled for Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 from 3:00pm to 4:00pm EST.


In this session, our invited speaker Fabian Lopez, Project Manager at DSS Inc., and member of the community, will present:


Sneak Preview – The VistA Extensions Hub (beta)

Re: [code-convergence] Code Convergence and higher level tools for large scale code management.

I think there are (at least!) two ideas here Tom. The first gets to the effectiveness of the approach I'm trying - *querying a VistA about itself*. The second gets to the wider question of what's the optimal mechanism for describing a VistA. So first things first. What I want to see is *how much of a picture of a system comes from querying it live for three things*: its gang-of-four "Package-Build-Install-Routines", its FileMan's schema and its Concept definition files (dictionaries). Yes, you face the fact that a VistA's own picture will, in places, be

Re: [development-tools] missing routines from downloaded source code

Jignesh: How many routines are in this directory: /home/ehruser/Downloads/VistA/r? You can run ls -l | wc -l to get a count. There should be 25,131 - Christopher From: Jignesh Patel > Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 11:17:22 -0500 To: Christopher Edwards > Subject: Re: [development-tools] missing routines from downloaded source code Chris, Mine is 3242bea9e44606a0f25d4463393794c72e4d91f5 * Looks like the routines are created properly but then routines from Kernel and other places never incorporated in the crated file.

Code Convergence and higher level tools for large scale code management.

Let me congratulate Conor Dowling for his excellent work to date using his semantic vista technology.  I think that this is a good start on getting a handle on the complexity of the multiple versions, and also an interesting platform to look at future evolution of the technology.

missing routines from downloaded source code

I have downloaded osehra(i.e. FOIA) but looks like it has some missing routines. I have followed all the instruction of document mention on the osehra site but then I found while unpacking routines like ZTMGRSET.m missing. In virtual machine the size of file is 99562377 but when i build the .ro file after downloading then it is equal to 97453404. Somehow I have integrated ZTMGRSET then when I tried to set VistA and I got following error. I will now rename a group of routines specific to your operating system. Routine: ZOSVGUX Missing Routine:

Code Convergence Update

Conor and Nancy; thanks for contributing the comparison.  I think this latest post is a good opportunity to discuss the progress surrounding this process, thanks to WorldVistA for getting started on this front.  We held an initial kick-off on Friday; as a result, I have sent out emails to identify points of contact within each key organization identified at the VistA Community Meeting, including DSS, Medsphere, IHS, and VA.  I will keep you posted on the progress as they are identified, having representatives from each organization will be invaluable as we reconcile differenc


Due to conflicts of schedules, the OSEHRA AWG meeting is cancelled for today and will resume next week. From: Stephen Hufnagel [] Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2012 10:30 AM To: '' Subject: RE: OSEHRA AWG Agenda 4PM today January 10, 2012 OSEHRA AWG AGENDA Weekly Open-Source EHR - Architecture Work Group (AWG) Telecom DATE & TIME: Every Tuesday 4:00 pm ET WebEx: PHONE: +1-408-600-3600 Access code: 629 453 409 or use VOIP DOCUMENTS at:

Million Veterans Program (MVP's) Vast Amount of Data

Colleagues, Please find link to article below in Federal Telemedicine News on the details related to implementing the emerging Million Veterans Program (MVP) personalized genomic medicine program ... ENJOY! Conrad ClyburnCommunity DevelopmentOSEHRA (Open Source EHR Agent), 858-3205(301) 404-9128 (cell)---------------------------------------------- Saturday, January 21, 2012MVP's Vast Amount of Data  The amount of data to be collected through the Veterans Administration’s “Million Veteran Pr

website display - explicit row length limit?

I noticed in <> that some letters were cut off the right side of the page instead of wrapping the words in an expected way. It's a tiny thing that has little to do with engineering, patient care, or the VA, but I noticed it. Didn't seem to autofix when I resized my browser window.

Please let me know if I should leave this kind of thing off the "to do" list in future?



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