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VistAjs Demo Recording

Hello VistA.js Wrok Group,
The link below is to the recording of last week's VistA.js demo. Some
of you may have missed it or you may have others that ou wish to forward
the link on to.


*Guy Esten*

*Director, Portfolio Management & Open Source Initiatives*

*Apex Data Solutions, LLC*

5401 W. Kennedy Boulevard

Suite 890

Tampa, FL 33609

Office: 321-254-9006

Of interest to this group...

Of interest to this group may be the eHMP webinar OSEHRA is providing next week:

Join us for this month's Innovation Webinar: eHMP Toolset for Building Modern Single Page Applications.

Brandt Welker, CTO of Medicasoft, LLC, will go over the various components of eHMP and then show how to add a data source to the Resource Development Kit (RDK). He will also show how to use that data on the patient dashboard using Backbone.js and other technologies.

Presenters: Brandt Welker, Chief Technology Officer, Medicasoft, LLC


eHMP activity management workflows in Cerner COTS platform

In order to advance our collective knowledge of how to incorporate activity management workflows into health information systems of various types, we incorporated examples of the VA developed activity management workflows for eHMP into Cerner COTS platforms. We look forward to contuing our broad collaboration in this area to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care.


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