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OSEHRA AWG WG Telecom 4PM EDT Today (Tuesday) - AGENDA

Weekly Open-Source EHR - Architecture Work Group (AWG) Telecom March 13, 2012 OSEHRA AWG AGENDA-MINUTES Last Updated 9am, 12-Mar-12 DATE & TIME: Every Tuesday 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT 14Feb-to-26Jun 2012 REGISTER at: (NEW: accommodates 100) Once registered you will receive an email with information you need to join the Webinar. DOCUMENTS at: DISCUSSION at: WIKI at:

Fwd: [development-tools] problem while integrating vitals with CPRS

Chris, We are still having following error. -Jignesh ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Peder Hall Date: Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 9:25 AM Subject: Re: [development-tools] problem while integrating vitals with CPRS To: Jignesh Patel Cc: Jignesh, Here is the error I am getting. Thanks Peder Hall Professional Services Manager * LLC Las Olas City Centre, Suite 2250 401 East Las Olas Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301 O: 954-616-5604 X5500 F: 954-616-5609 * On Mar 9, 2012, at 10:32 PM, Jignesh Patel wrote: Peder,

14 Ways to Contribute to Open Source without Being a Programming Genius or a Rock Star


I commend to your attention, an excellent article by Andy Lester in Software Quality Connection.  Mr. Lester describes a number of approaches for breaking the ice on making contributions to an open source software development process, that you may find of value.  

Please see an excerpt below ...


Scheduling First Webinar for VistA Imaging Package Overview

As suggested in previous discussions, we are scheduling a Webinar
where experts on the VistA Imaging package will provide an overview
of the system.


Please go to the following link:


and provide your available times in the next two weeks.


We will pick a time based on what is convinient for the majority of the group.


Next OSEHRA Code Convergence Teleconference: Wednesday, March 14th


Please join us to continue the conversation about the Code Convergence
pilot exercise on Wednesday, March 14th, 3pm-5pm ET.

We have allocated 2 hours for this meeting, in order to have a more
productive session.


In particular we will review the findings resulting form the diff analysis of the
Registration package, that Conor and George have been leading with the
students at RPI, and we will look at the remediation options for each one of
those differences.


Re: [genomics] Proposal to create an "Imaging Group" in OSEHRA

Tom Munnecke- Major depressive disorder and the depression in bipolar disease *cannot be "cured" by going for a hike*. These are chronic, debilitating diseases, that impact an individual, their families and our society in horrific ways. There are worse than many other chronic diseases, because they are diseases of brain and behavior. I understand the point that you are trying to make about the transactional model, but, unfortunately, you are perpetrating an obsolete myth that individuals with psychiatric disease could just get better by "pulling

Angel Capital Association Recognizes AssureRx Health, Inc. for Innovation in Personalized Medicine



Please see announcment below.

Congratulations are in order for Dr Gerry Higgins, PhD, and his colleagues at AssureRx Health, Inc., for their recent receipt of the Luis Villalobos Award for Innovation recognizing the most ingenious and innovative idea recently financed by an angel group that is a member of the Angel Capital Association (ACA). 

Code Convergence Issue Tracker Poll Open

Good Afternoon Everyone;

I wanted to announce to the participants of this community that the survey is open from now, until this Saturday, 3.10.2012 p.m. EST for the community to select it's go ahead issue tracker for the code convergence project specifically.

The poll is located at the link below:





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