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Replacing JIRA with an Open Source Application

I appreciate that JIRA may be considered the best of breed and that it is free of charge to this organization, but I feel that we need to be able to take any work that OSEHRA has done and "run it in somebody's basement" if OSEHRA does not succeed. Using open source codes guarantees that that transition would be possible and relatively easy to do if it becomes necessary. I also feel that we should be supporting other open source projects by using their applications and helping them improve them. Having an open source

OSEHRA support for Linux/Cache environment

The two supported environments supported by OSEHRA are Cache/Windows and GT.M/Linux.  Has any thought been given to also supporting Cache/Linux?  Installing Cache on Linux would be different from the Windows install, but could potentially be easier if the installFromParametersFile method is used.  Loading the OSEHRA code base would be largely the same as in the Cache/Windows environment, with some allowances for file paths being different.

New M-Tools available

The MEditor, MDebugger, MUnit, and MLogger tools developed by Joel Ivey have been posted:

Warning from the ReadMe file:


The user must recognize that the current version is NOT released software,this is a TEST version. It has been used by a number of programmers, but itis not officially released.


Thank You Joel! (tip of the hat to vancurtis for pointing it out)

Digitizing Health Records, Before It Was Cool, New York Times

Colleagues, Please see link below to interesting article in the New York Times on the fast growing EPIC company and its rapidly spreading EHR system, which happens to share a MUMPS lineage with VistA.... Conrad ClyburnCommunity DevelopmentOSEHRA (Open Source EHR Agent),

OSEHRA AWG Agenda 17-Jan 4PM

January 17, 2012 OSEHRA AWG AGENDA Weekly Open-Source EHR - Architecture Work Group (AWG) Telecom DATE & TIME: Every Tuesday 4:00 pm ET WebEx: PHONE: +1-408-600-3600 Access code: 629 453 409 or use VOIP NOTE: New call in number in will be used, starting next week to accommodate larger groups. DOCUMENTS at: DISCUSSION at: WIKI at: HTML SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE at:

Baby Got Backlog

This week initiates a technical take on Sir Mix A Lot’s approach: our team has adopted our product backlog! And while it’s not yet that big, it has been broken into three sections: dependencyrefactoring of Problem List, and testing of Problem List.  It goes without saying that it is certainly subject to revisions as we gain Lessons Learned from Problem List and start planning for future modules to refactor (again, if time permits since we near the end of our contract in September).


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