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Life Technologies Introduces the Benchtop Ion Proton™ Sequencer; Designed to Decode a Human Genome in One Day for $1,000


See link and abstract from Life Technologies on what may be a major advance in sequencing,

Conrad ClyburnDirector, Community DevelopmentOSEHRA, Inc.


SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Life Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: LIFE) today announced it is taking orders for the new benchtop Ion Proton™ Sequencer that is designed to sequence the entire human genome in a day for $1,000.

Performance Issue

We have run the test script from Kitware on numerous machines and continue to see hang up issues from remote sites.  There is a growing list of postings bad mouthing the site due to poor performance.   We don't see the hang up issues or the performance issues from here and can't correlate the hang data with any activity on our end.  I am open to suggestions on how to make progress on this front and do it quickly.

RE: OSEHRA AWG Agenda 4PM today

January 10, 2012 OSEHRA AWG AGENDA Weekly Open-Source EHR - Architecture Work Group (AWG) Telecom DATE & TIME: Every Tuesday 4:00 pm ET WebEx: PHONE: +1-408-600-3600 Access code: 629 453 409 or use VOIP DOCUMENTS at: DISCUSSION at: WIKI at: HTML SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE at: . can be viewed with a web browser. VISUAL CROSS-REFERENCE of PACKAGES/ROUTINES/GLOBALS at:

Next OSEHRA Development Tools Teleconference: Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 3-4pm EST


The next web conference for the OSEHRA development tools group is scheduled for Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 from 3:00pm to 4:00pm EST.


In this call we will continue the introductory tutorial to Git.  

In particular we will cover:

* Inspecting Git History: log, diff, blame
* Amending commits
* Rebasing
* Ignoring Files
* Stashing


This is a hands-on Tutorial that does not require any previous knowledge of Git or Version Control Systems.


Please join us for this animated session.

Back End tracking


While talking last night with Bill, it seems there should be a way to find out what new groups have been created just by polling the database that keeps a UID for such things, and looking for changes, and telling me when groups get created (if we can't moderate group creation ab initio). This might help keep tabs on things that are "ultra private because they're shady operations."

As far as OSEHRA becoming a silent depository for "inappropriate content," could we track these averages:

'Open Source' Personal Health Record (PHR) System

I have been a long time fan and supporter of the My HealtheVet PHR.  It is a great tool, an innovative addition to VistA that was needed to better connect and serve our veterans/patients.  What bothered me was not the functionality, but the extensive use of commercial software packages and vendors to create this solution.  This would be a great area to consider moving to a true open source PHR solution.  There are several out there.  One solution is the My HealtheMountaineer (also known as

Tricks & Tips

Was looking through some "Discussions" and discovered that if I see the bottom of it contains "0 comments" I don't have to click the title of the thread to see if active content is buried in its comments. That's nice.




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