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I wanted to see which files in the Kernel-GT.M repo were changed from
the initial commit, and copy them. This command did the trick:

$ git log --name-only --pretty=oneline --full-index
29bc19d294a9017116e2f776f3f162d31196b838..HEAD | grep -vE '^[0-9a-f
]{40} ' | sort | uniq | xargs -i cp -v {} /var/db/foia201604/r/

Sam Habiel, Pharm.D.
VISTA Expertise Network

Possible GT.M Hacking targets discussed on Code-Convergence call

Reverse $QUERY (string V glvn , -1 )
2 argument $QUERY (string V glvn , 1)

Command line "more linuxy" to give gnu readline commands, external library
already: ^E ^A ^U

pipe from command line into operating system commands

Ignore BREAK in "Application Mode"

CR LF in ROUTINE.m lines

Global variables search list

Faster C-Runtime for Global Access

SSVNs recognized and call User Code

C call-in code optimization

direct C calls to access GT.M database structures