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vxJourney Webinars for the VistA Community

vxJourney is a series of webinars presented to the VistA Open Source Community. Most of the webinars are generic for VistA and some of them are specific to vxVistA, an Open Source (EPL) version of FOIA VistA released by DSS, Inc. and Open Health Tools. In this list, grouped by subject, we included those recorded webinars that could help new VistA Adopters understanding the VistA system. A new webinar about VistA Foundations, presented by Greg Kreis is scheduled for October 12, 2011 at 2:00 PM EST. VistA Foundations - Register Now!

Recorded Webinars

The VistA System

Introducing Mumps

Introducing VistA Fileman

VistA Foundations

PIMS - Patient Information Management System Overview

CPRS - Streamline the documentation process (vxCPRS)

BCMA - Bar Code Medication Administration - (vxBCMA)

Understanding CPRS and BCMA (vxCPRS/vxBCMA)

How To For Physicians

Creating Personal Medication Quick Orders

How To For Prescribers

Streamlining the Medication Ordering Process

Outpatient Medication Ordering Process

Intravenous (IV) Medication Ordering Process

Entering Complex Medication Orders

Intravenous (IV) Piggyback Ordering Process

How to for Providers

Medication Orders Process

Over-the-Counter Herbal Medications from Elsewhere

How To For Nurses

Entering Telephone and or Verbal orders

Related Webinars

Open Source EHR – 5 Ways They Advance Meaningful Use Goals

Mobile Mumps

SQL Reporting



Recorded webinars

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