Community-sourced Submission for the VA Scheduling Contest

Fellow OSEHRA Community members:

We have been giving a lot of thought to the announcement and current "contest" presented by the VA to address their Scheduling modernization needs, and have elected to take an open-community approach in response. 

To that end, anyone with interest is encouraged to attend a webinar where we will both make the business case and present our architectural solution.  The thinking is that we really leverage the power and creativity of the OSEHRA community as a whole, bringing the full open source model to bear on this problem space instead of competing separately.

The event details are posted on the calendar here:

On behalf of HP Enterprise Services, we invite you to join us next Friday, whether your want to just find out how we're approaching the problem or have interest in jumping in. 

- Ken Rubin




Reminder -- "Community-sourced" Scheduling Submission Webinar

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Just wanted to give one follow-up invitation for those that may be interested in hearing about the open community submission for the VA Scheduling contest.   In brief, we are forming an open team submission to which each of you and your organizations are invited to participate. 

Tomorrow (Friday, 14 December) HP will be presenting our solution approach, high-level architecture, project plan, and business case for participating in this community sourced submission, as well as outlining how to engage with the submissions and  in response to the VA Scheduling "challenge."   We are inviting all comers to hear what we are planning and to participate as part of this submission.  I hope you elect to make the time to join us, and decide to participate.   Anyone with an interest is welcome...



OS Presentation Layer

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Hi Ken - 

We just pushed out some of our GUI designs for HealthBoard - among the designs is a scheduling and appointments module.  It might help complete at least one aspect of the open source submittal, and could be tweaked where necessary to make it better complement the competition.  Our licensing structure for HealthBoard is slightly different in that we are releasing code / design assets under a non-commercial LGPL and CC license.  Sorry to have missed the webinar but would be interested to learn more.

If of interest, we could talk about expediting the release of the messaging / appts module designs...



LGPL allows for Commercial use

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The term "non-commercial" does not apply to the LGPL license. Both the LGPL and GPL licenses allow for commercial use. I'll be happy to elaborate on the details if you are interested.    Best         Luis

Non-Commercial Licensing of OS Products

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Hi Luis,

I know you and I have spoken about this - and perhaps it's worth a separate thread.  Our intentions with HealthBoard are to release it under non-commerical LGPL and Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licenses.  I realize there's differences here vs. OSEHRA's Apache 2.0 / CC licenses.  

I realize there are different opinions / interpretations on OS licensing in general, would it be worth a future webinar topic for OSEHRA?





"Open Community" Webinar Slides, Q&A, and Broadcast available

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First, my thanks to everyone who made the time to join us last week for the webinar, and to those whom have expressed interest and posed questions about the activity.

A number of great questions came up, and we've done our best to compile them into a "Q&A".  In addition, a streaming version of the webinar is available for those that were unable to attend Friday, and the slides are also posted.

You can find all the materials here:

Over 500 attended or have streamed the webinar, which is fantastic and evidences the interest in the this Scheduling competition and the size and diversity of the OSEHRA community.  I'm also happy to report that we've received our first meritocracy submission, which we'll be looking over ASAP, so the community may be beginning to form already.

At the link above, you'll find:

>  Background for the contest (more for those that were new to OSEHRA)

>  Our rationale for taking a community-based approach

>  Our commitment and rationale for donating any and all contest proceeds to a Veteran Service Organization

>  Our solution approach and high-level architecture

>  The steps to get involved

We look forward to working with you!