Minutes from 12/5/17 meeting?

I missed the 12/5 meeting - are there minutes?

And will invitations be sent?




RE: Minutes from 12/05

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The Developer group meets 1st week of the month; while the Steering/User group meets on the third week of each month.

We've not been sending out invites; however, if you prefer that we do, Nick and I can create invite for our next meeting in January.

Here is the minutes from 12/05,

  • New issues discussion
    • Export Team Report Feature. When this button is pressed on the provider teams screen, there is no response

                  Raju of Alabama Medicaid team just returned from India.  He will investigate this issue and see if there is a quick fix for it.

  • Update popHealth HDS to fix issues with using 2017 measure bundle for 2018 reporting and certification.

                  Peter explained that Christian Arias of Qualifacts will update popHealth HDS by cherry picking commits from Cypress HDS to address issue with QRDA Cat III R2.1 update.  The QRDA Cat III needs to be at R2.1 for both 2016 and 2017 measure bundles.   We will merge the update once the testing has been completed in the next couple days.

  • Status update from Sesha/Raj on popHealth 5.1 update related to Cypress 3.2 release.
    • Integration of cdatool component vs. HDS for QRDA CAT I import/export.

                  Raju will continue his effort on cdatool integration.  Peter will provide some assistance by showing how cdatool tool is integrated in Cypress.