Vista Related Webinars


A Sieve is not only for the Kitchen: Sifting data to find the hidden gems, Jean Snead.      

A SkyHigh Overview of vxCPRS, Alisha Howell.      

Advanced Document Scanning with ISI Capture 2, Stuart Frank.      

Agile Development Techniques and Winning the VISTA Extensions Challenge!, John Stenbeck.      

Agile VistA Development using EWD, Rob Tweed.      

Are you Ready for the ICD 10’s in imaging?, Katherine Gray-Kristi Emerson.      

AxioM, David Wicksell.      

Branching logic in reminder dialogs to present the correct medication orders to inpatients/outpatients, Charles Boyer.      

Bridging the Public and Private Sector OS Activities, Seong K. Mun.      

Building Order sets - the Basics, Jeanette Klement.      

Clinical Reminder Basics, Charles Boyer.      

Creating Clinical Content in VistA for Inpatient Mental Health, Matthew King.      

Discussion of the original Vista MailMan messaging architecture, Tom Munnecke.      

DSS Patient Search Tool Extension, Kevin Wright.      

E Pluribus Unum: Strategies for multi-site, multi-division VISTA, Rick Marshall.      

EWD based PIMS for VistA, Rohit Kumar.      

EWD Development and VistA, David Wicksell-Zack Gonzales.      

Fileman (2011), Greg Kreis.      

FMQL - the FileMan Query Language, Conor Dowling.      

GT.M binding to Ruby, Luis Ibanez.      

GT.M interface to NodeJS, Luis Ibanez.       

GT.M interface to Python, Luis Ibanez.      

GT.M port to ARM processors, Luis Ibanez.       

How Medications  are Administered in Clinic, Marvin Friedman-Jeanette Klement.       

How To For Nurses - Entering Telephone and or Verbal orders, Jeanette Klement.      

How To for Nurses: BCMA - Missing Dose Request, Jeanette Klement-Marvin Friedman.      

How To for Prescribers: Order Inpatient Medications for an Outpatient (IMO) in a Clinic Setting, Jeanette Klement-Marvin Friedman.       

How To For Prescribers_ Entering Complex Medication Orders, Jeanette Klement.      

How to for Providers - Medication Orders, Jeanette Klement-Marvin Friedman.      

Implementation of VistA at JPNATC, Rohit Kumar.      

Installing vxVistA on Cache, Fabian Lopez.      

Installing vxVistA on Intersystems Cache System Requirements, James D. Keith.      

Integration in VISTA's Architecture (VistA Architecture Part 2), Rick Marshall.      

Intravenous (IV) Medication Ordering Process for Prescribers ,Marvin Friedman-Jeanette Klement      

Introducing MUMPS, Greg Kreis.      

Introducing MUMPS (2011), Greg Kreis.      

Introducing The VistA Extension Hub, Fabian Lopez.      

Introduction to VISTA Architecture, Rick Marshall.      

ISI Imaging for Open Source VistA, Stuart Frank-Roger Coney.      

ISI Imaging Overview, Stuart Frank.      

ISI Rad for Open Source VistA, John Christensen-Stuart Frank.      

ISI RadTech Tool - a GUI alternative to Roll & Scroll for Radiology Technologists, Stuart Frank.      

IV Piggyback, Jeanette Klement-Marvin Friedman.      

Mobile Mumps, Rob Tweed.      

Need a Release of Information Solution which is HIPAA Compliant?, Jeanette Klement.      

Need a Scanning Solution?, Jeanette Klement.      

NodeM, David Wicksell.      

Notifying parties electronically about anticipated discharges, Charles Boyer.      

On-Demand Floor Stock Medication Ordering, Jeanette Klement-Marvin Friedman.      

Open Source Community Support and The VistA Extensions Hub, Fabian Lopez.      

Open Source EHR – 5 Ways They Advance Meaningful Use Goals, Ron Byers.      

Order Dialogs, process, process, process, David Howard.      

OSCON 2010 - Presentation, James D. Keith-Hugh Creedon.      

OSEHRA Development Environment, Luis Ibanez.      

OSEHRA Overview and Triple Helix (Academic, Industry, Government) Touchpoints, Conrad Clyburn.      

OSEHRA Revision Control with Git, Luis Ibanez.      

Outpatient Medication Ordering Process for Prescribers, xxxxx.      

Over-the-Counter Herbal Medications from Elsewhere, Jeanette Klement-Marvin Friedman.      

Presenting OSEHRA - The VistA Open Source Custodial Agent, Seong K. Mun-Mike O'Neill.       

Privacy Frameworks for VISTA, Rick Marshall.      

Quality and Meaningful Use Reporting, George Lilly.      

RadWise Clinical Decision Support, Katherine Gray-Kristi Emerson.      

Rethinking the Universal Health Exchange Language, Tom Munnecke.      

Sending a notification (alert) to a team related to some event (such as a fall), Charles Boyer.      

SQL Reporting, James D. Keith.      

Streamlining the Medication Ordering Process for Prescribers, Jeanette Klement-Marvin Friedman.      

The VistA Extensions Hub - (VCM, January 2012), Fabian Lopez.      

Using Fileman parameters to eliminate unintended wrapping in Fileman reports, Charles Boyer.      

Using the VistA EHR in Outpatient Clinics, Anna Joseph Nikhil.      

VistA Analytics, Conor Dowling.      

VistA CPRS Templates + Dragon Medical Speech Recognition = The Best of Both Worlds, Wayne Kanieswski.      

VistA Foundations(2011), Greg Kreis.      

VistA Imaging, ISI Group.      

VistACom and Continuity of Care Record (CCR), George Lilly.      

VPE Software, Greg Kreis.      

vxBCMA, Deanne Clark.      

vxBCMA Open Source module, Deanne Clark.      

vxCPRS - Open Source Module, Deanne Clark.      

vxCPRS - Streamline the documentation process, Jeanette Klement.      

vxGroup Notes, Jeanette Klement.      

vxGroup Notes(2011), Jeanette Klement.       

vxVistA Installation on Cache (2010), Ismail Amir-Forbes Kerwin.      

What is FOIA VistA? -- What is Open Source vxVistA?, Deanne Clark-Hugh Creedon.      

What worked in VistA? How do we do more of it?, Tom Munnecke.       



Thank you for the incredible resource!

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Thank you for the links to this comprehensive repository of Open Source best practices and cutting edge insights encapsuled in the "VistA Related Webinars" post.  You, and the DSS team, are making a singular contribution to accelerating innovation by sharing this specialized knowledge throughout the Open Source EHR community.  Your continued leadership is greatly appreciated.

Conrad Clyburn
Director, Community Development
OSEHRA (Open Source EHR Agent), Inc.

2nd Annual OSEHRA Summit & Workshop: September 4-6, 2013



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Thanks Conrad,

It is really the hard work of our presenters able to share their knowledge with the community. The list is still work in progress and it contains recorded and upcoming webinars. We will continue with the update of the list as well as engaging other presenters.

(BTW, if any of you is reading this and would like to do a webinar, please complete this form :) thanks! )


Fabian Lopez, PMP, CSM

The VistA Extension Hub